I recently went on a 12 day urban trip to Georgia and Abkhazia with a small group of explorers from different countries.
(Georgia & Abkhazia is located near the black sea)

Georgia and Abkhazia have many abandoned buildings because of the conflict they had which  lasted over a year. You can find more info about the war here : Abkhazian war.

We had to wait more than 4 hours just to get in Abkhazia because the police forces and Russian army wanted to know the reason we wanted to go there. After those 4 hours they let us inside Abkhazia. The border crossing was not easy but I would not hesitate to go again because the country is really wonderful. 

The objects I photographed where mainly spas and sanatoria spread all over Georgia and Abkhazia. The buildings had columns and massive stairways with nice colors.I was also very happy to see that the buildings where not sprayed over with graffiti  like most abandoned buildings in my country.

The main reason I wanted to go there was because of the mountains, the Soviet architecture and the nice landscapes. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed and I am really glad I went there.
It was a real nice and exhausting urban exploration trip I will never forget! 

Many thanks to the other photographers who ride along in this adventure.

Glorious Trainstation 2
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