7 years ago there was an old ancient brick factory just around my corner which was abandoned for over several years. One day I got a camera for my birthday and went inside the old factory. What a great experience! However my photography wasn't at point at that time I did love my first real explore.

When I was looking for more abandoned places on the Internet I found out that it was actually a real community. It's called Urban Exploration, It's a closed community where Urban Explorers exchange locations and go on trips together to capture beauty in decay all over the world.

"Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures" is the rule that Urban Explorers follow when they are going to abandoned places.So that means that you can't ask me for locations because I will always protect the places I have explored.

Today it has been  6 years since I explored my first location. For the moment I try to explore many abandoned buildings in Europe and have been to different countries like : Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Georgia, Abkhazia and more.. My main goal is to show you all the beauty that lies in decay.

If you have questions regarding prints or anything else (except coordinates) just hit the contact button!  Thanks!

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